Computer Tune Up

An enhanced one-time service. We'll optimize your settings, get rid of old applications, and update your operating system.

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Our Computer Tune Up service will provide top-to-bottom reconditioning for your desktop or laptop PC, enhancing day-to-day performance and helping it run like new. We will optimize hidden settings, help your computer retrieve information from the internal hard drive more efficiently, remove unwanted programs that slow down your computer, and update your operating system to optimize security and improve performance.

Key Features

  • Optimize key settings to enhance performance
  • Remove unnecessary trialware and startup programs that slow down your computer
  • Configure Windows to install the latest operating system updates automatically
  • Schedule disk defragmentation to run automatically
We offer support for the following systems:
  • PCs only
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 and above
  • Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
    NOTE: User must have access to ISP login/password information
  • Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later, Firefox version 2 or later.
    NOTE: Other browsers may not be supported
Additional system requirements and service limitations:
  • Must be able to connect to the Internet to receive remote service
  • Does not include removal of malware that may impact performance or fixing any software or system level problems that may be affecting performance
  • Does not include updating individual software packages
  • Service must be used within 180 days from the day of purchase